LO1 Explore the creative industries professions through research into historic and contemporary precedent.

LO2 Discuss personal career goals in relation to the range of roles and subjects in the creative industries.

LO3 Define personal development plans, highlighting areas to support specific career goals and general skills.

LO4 Critically reflect on the achievement of personal development goals and plan for the future.

LO1 Discuss the social, historical and cultural context of key art and design movements, theories and practices.

LO2 Analyse a specific work of art or design related to own area of specialism.

LO3 Use primary and secondary research methods to investigate an area of practice, with consideration of research ethics.

LO4 Present research findings, through written work, visually and orally.

LO1 Examine specialist area of creative practice within historical and contemporary contexts.

LO2 Develop art and design solutions, through an iterative development process, in response to a given brief.

LO3 Present an art and design solution, including a portfolio of development work, in response to a given brief.

LO4 Evaluate own work in relation to identified area of specialism in the creative industries.

LO1 Evaluate a given brief to identify stakeholder requirements and areas for investigation and research.

LO2 Explore concepts, materials and processes through experimentation and testing.

LO3 Present a body of work that includes evidence of development process, as well as final outcomes.

LO4 Assess own process and outcomes, based on reflection and feedback of others.

LO1 Investigate the application of typographic practice in print and digital workflows.

LO2 Explore typographic technologies and processes in specific contexts.

LO3 Apply typographic principles and processes in meeting a brief.

LO4 Present finished typographic outputs, for print and digital workflows.

LO1 Apply research techniques to establish an awareness of context, related to a graphic design problem.

LO2 Develop a graphic design brief, to meet client needs in a given context.

LO3 Explore alternative solutions to a graphic design brief.

LO4 Present a final graphic design solution to a client.

LO1 Explain how the functions of packaging impact on its design, with reference to historical and contemporary precedent.

LO2 Evaluate the requirements for packaging in response to a brief.

LO3 Develop packaging prototypes in support of a given product.

LO4 Present a product packaging strategy for a given product.

LO1 Discuss communication, in the creative industries, through historical and contemporary precedent research.

LO2 Analyse a brief to define the context of a communication strategy.

LO3 Develop a communication strategy, through experimentation, in response to a given brief.

LO4 Present a communication strategy and finished work in relation to a given brief.