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This unit will be assessed by a series of internally assessed tasks. You are expected to show that you understand the skill needed to work in the hospitality industry and their importance. You will also need to prove that you have demonstrated these work skills in a variety of realistic hospitality situations.

Hospitality is one of the largest industries in the UK. It has over two million employees and makes a significant contribution to the UK economy. It is a dynamic industry that responds quickly to changing market needs, through rapid growth, innovation and diversity. This enables the hospitality industry to offer many different types of employment, with opportunities for you to work in this country and around the world

In this unit you will learn the importance of following appropriate procedures to maintain food safety. You will learn about the procedures to maintain food safety when storing, preparing, cooking and serving food. Businesses within the hospitality industry adopt these procedures to prevent any problems with potential food safety hazards.

Hospitality businesses are regulated by legislation to prevent hazards causing injury or ill health to staff and customers. You will explore how hospitality businesses enforce compliance with legislation. You will also learn about how safety signs, information and documentation should be used in businesses within the hospitality industry.

Food hygiene resources