The aim of this unit is to develop both your practical skill alongside your knowledge and understanding of how to promote hair and beauty products, services and treatments to your clients. You will investigate the role that advertising and PR has on promotional activities, carry out market research, produce a marketing plan, and finally analyse and evaluate the whole process.

The aim of this unit is to allow you to develop an understanding of human resource management in relation to the hair and beauty sector. This unit covers relevant employment legislation, modes of employment and relevant legislation to these employment options, employment rights and responsibilities, recruitment methods, job descriptions, contracts of employment, appraisal systems, continual professional development (CPD) and training opportunities

Through this unit you will develop your management skills around the implementation and management of health, safety and security practices in your salon. You will evaluate the reliability and effectiveness of risk assessments, justify and monitor newly implemented and existing health, safety and security practices, comply with health and safety legislation and regulations, and manage the improvements through monitoring staff.

Through this unit you will develop your management skills in client care within your salon. You will analyse the client service experience that is on offer in your salon as part of your quality assurance process. You will carry out planned and spot checks, use various methods to gather feedback, recommend improvements, engage your staff with the new improvements and follow through with a monitoring process. 

This unit will help you extend your knowledge on how to improve the sales of your businesses along with the selling skills of your employees. You will review and evaluate your salon's selling methods, research consumer behaviour, set targets, produce a sales forecast, and implement training whilst ensuring ethical legal requirements.

This unit is about public relations (PR) and the impact it has on the hair and beauty sector. Through this unit you will develop your PR skills by, conducting a campaign, investigating the role of a PR officer, exploring the advantages and disadvantages of activities, researching into current trends and evaluating the link between a successful PR event with benefits to your business.

This unit provides you with the opportunity to plan and monitor the management of staff, products and services in your salon. You will develop management skills to enable you to:

  • provide clear recommendations for the improvement of working practices
  • assess employee requirements
  • conform with legislation
  • allocate staff to meet operational objectives
  • review and/or produce salon policies and procedures
  • monitor work practices
  • manage the salon in a professional manner