This  unit includes roots of quadratics, complex numbers, matrices, trigonometry, calculus, series, numerical methods, asymptotes and rational functions, parabolas, ellipses and hyperbolas.

This unit includes complex numbers, roots of polynomials, summation of finite series, DeMoivre's theorem, inverse trig functions, hyperbolic functions, arc length and surface of revolution.

This unit includes Maclaurin’s series, polar coordinates and curves, first and second order differential equations, Euler’s formula and identity.

This unit includes moments, centres of mass, energy, kinematics and variable acceleration, horizontal and vertical circular motion.

This unit includes discrete probability distributions, Poisson distribution, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing for means, contingency tables and continuous probability distributions.

Includes vectors, kinematics, application of calculus in mechanics, forces and pulleys

Statistics includes mean, mode, media, SD, variance, IQR and quartiles of discrete/continuous data, binomial distrbution and hypothesis testing.

Pure Core Mathematics 1 includes algebra, coordinate geometry of straight lines and circles, differentiation and integration.